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The Diocesan Council of the  Catholic Women’s League of Canada in the Archdiocese of Vancouver was founded  November 21, 1924 with Mrs. C. McDonell as its first president with the  intention of uniting Catholic women as a community striving for spiritual,  cultural and intellectual growth and the development of social  action. With its mission statement, “Called to holiness through  service to the people of God”, the diocesan council’s mandate was to provide  direction, information and guidance to parish council presidents in order that  they may use it to take action regarding topics and issues pertinent to their  parishes.

The diocesan council is comprised of officers, presidents of parish councils in the diocese, parish  delegates accredited to the diocesan convention, and honorary life members and  life members holding a membership in the diocese. This body is directly  overseen by an executive, comprised of a president, secretary and treasurer,  together with Standing Committee chairpersons – all of whom are elected to  their respective positions.  Ideally, the council also elects a  president-elect, to be mentored and trained by the president in order that she  may take her place once the 2-year term of presidency has ended.

Today the diocesan council consists of 57 councils with a membership of close to 4500 members.

Diocesan Catholic  Women’s League Executive – Vancouver

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